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Providing Options in the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Benefits of Building Your Gift Card Program With Appsuite.


Build A Gift Card Program With Appsuite.


Through the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s important for restaurants to provide guests with safe options to eat out. Appsuite, a full-scale customer relationship management solution, not only allows restaurants a seamless experience with Micros POS Systems but also gives them the ability to build a gift card program that provides both guests and staff the options they crave. This gives opportunity for unique and contactless service.

“A great thing about Appsuite’s gift card program is that it eliminates us from having to have multiple vendors or software solutions. By integrating directly into the Micros POS System, it is a seamless experience for customers and staff.”

– Karen Cooper, Restaurant Manager at Bar La Grassa & 112 Eatery 


Table of Contents:

  • Digital Gift Cards & E-Wallet Features

  • Gift Cards That are Customizable

  • Embed Plugins: Added to Your Website Within Minutes.

  • Micros POS Services

  • Request a Demo


Build & Implement Digital Gift Cards & E-Wallet Features

Through Appsuite, users are able to build a gift card program that is user-friendly for both customers and staff. Options for creating digital and e-wallet gift cards allow guests to order out or dine in without ever having to take out their credit card to pay for their meal. 

  • Digital Gift Cards:

    • Appsuite gives your restaurants the option to sell gift cards online and have them emailed to your guests.

  • E-Wallet:

    • This Feature allows customers to purchase gift cards both in-store or on an app, and redeem them by scanning them at the register.


Build A Gift Card Program That Is Customizable

Gift cards through Appsuite are customizable, allowing guests the option to choose how much money they want to load on the card. 

  • Auto-Reload Feature:

    • Services allow a restaurant owner to modernize existing cards with a reload option when a balance is low. 

  • Scheduled Delivery:

    • Virtual gift cards can be delivered on the day and time of your guest’s choice.

  • Send to a Friend:

    • Through Appsuite, give your guest’s the ability to send virtual gift cards to a loved one for any special occasion.

  • Linking to Members:

    • This feature allows users to link new or existing gift cards to a member’s accounts.

  • Magnetic Gift Cards:

    • Appsuite gives your restaurant the option to reward loyalty through customizable, tiered rewards that are unique to each of your members.


Embed Gift Card Plugins: Added to Your Website Within Minutes.

Appsuite provides a seamless experience for restaurants and customers alike. Our services allow you to embed plugins to your website within minutes. With us, your restaurant will be able to:

  • Sell Gift Cards:

    • Enable your guests to buy gift cards from your website.

  • Monitor Gift Card Balances:

    • Check the remaining balance on a guest’s gift card.

  • Collect Gift Card History:

    • Check the full history balance on a gift card including amount, date and location.


A Gift Card Program With Micros POS Services

Appsuite’s products, including our gift card programs, integrate with every version of Oracle’s POS Systems, inducing: 

  1. Micros Simphony
  2. Oracle Micros RES 3700


Request a Demo

Today, more than 550 restaurants trust Appsuite to help their businesses grow. If you would like to learn more about joining our growing list of satisfied partners, we encourage you to Request a Demo.