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Appsuite Partners with TableSafe To Connect Loyalty Marketing and Payments Experience

Appsuite Partners with TableSafe To Connect Loyalty Marketing and Payments Experience


Appsuite’s robust portfolio of partner integrations now includes TableSafe,

delivering the restaurant guest experience from beginning to end.


Combining Appsuite and TableSafe to Better Serve Your Guests 

With Appsuite and TableSafe, restaurants can provide a safe, secure and convenient payment experience regardless of what method the guest wants to use for payment. Because the TableSafe pay-at-the-table solution is designed specifically to be left with the guest at the end of the meal, the guest has complete control over when and how to pay with EMV credit card, mobile touchless, cash or now gift card through the Appsuite integration.

By making it easy for restaurants to do everything through one comprehensive solution without numerous tech integrations, they can automate processes while improving the guest experience.


Increase data to build loyalty 

Appsuite and TableSafe make it easy to reward loyal customers. Guests can quickly and easily provide feedback as well as contact information for follow-on marketing in addition to paying their check all at their own pace from their table.

Feedback surveys gather critical customer insights, so restaurants can make service adjustments to keep guests satisfied and wanting to return time and time again.


Boost operational efficiency and generate higher revenues

Giving guests a pay-at-the-table option helps make the entire restaurant run smoothly.  A pay-at-the-table solution saves each server an average of 10 minutes per shift that they can then use to prep for incoming tables and meet guests’ last-minute needs.

When restaurants can transition their guests through each phase of the dining experience and beyond, they boost guest satisfaction and generate more revenue.

Given the current pressure on the restaurant industry, it only makes sense to refine operations and improve efficiency in every possible way and making the most of your existing restaurant POS can be one of those ways.

The Appsuite and TableSafe integration syncs with MICROS and allows restaurants to build the complete dining experience for guests while simultaneously bolstering marketing efforts and decreasing dependency on the limited staff available.


Learn more about the TableSafe Advantage

TableSafe is the only mobile pay-at-the-table solution that is designed to be left at the table at the end of the meal for a safer and more elegant guest experience. TableSafe is integrated with Appsuite Gift Cards as well as both the MICROS 3700 and Simphony Cloud POS systems.