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Appsuite delivers success with technology solutions that increase revenue and profits for our restaurant and hospitality customers worldwide!


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Appsuite was founded in 2010
with a single mission:

To help our customers leverage technology to increase revenue, loyalty, and customer satisfaction over the lifetime of their relationship with their guests.

Who we are

Our company was founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of scaling companies and solving business issues on a global level.

What began as a simple mobile app providing menus and restaurant information, evolved into a full-scale CRM and Multi-Channel Ordering, Delivery, and Gift Card Solution. We continually strive to understand the needs of our customers and provide them the tools to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

AppSuite has a historic partnership with Oracle.  Our partnerhsip is centered around their Point of Sale products (RES3700 and Simpony) in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Sports and Entertainment markets.  We continue to create best-in-class technology and evolve offerings to power customer growth.

Our Team

James Daleen
Chairman, CEO

Rachel Stowe
Director, Global Partnerships & Business Development

Patrick Daleen
Chief Development Officer

Gint Raciunas
Co-Founder, VP Operations

Mary Leaf
Project Manager, Onboarding
Ross Hunton
Chief Technology Officer
Lauren Callis
Senior Recruiter
Customer Success Manager

Frank Dickinson
President, Chief Operations Officer

Shannon Clement
Senior Project Manager, Product Specialist

Leah Baker
Sales director

Konstantin Melnikov
Project Manager, Development

Slavik Radchenko
Senior Developer

Shannon Clement
Senior Project Manager, Product Specialist

Valiery Grozdev
Level 2 Support Agent

Shannon Clement
Senior Project Manager, Product Specialist

Shannon Clement
Senior Project Manager
Product Specialist

Bihruz Abanozoglu
Project Manager, Onboarding

Bill Kadlec
POS Specialist

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