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Appsuite was founded in 2010
with a single mission:

To help our hospitality partners turn their customers into brand advocates, with tools built for their needs.

Who we are

Our company was founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of scaling companies and solving business issues on a global level.

What began as a simple web and app offering to provide menus and restaurant information, evolved into a full-scale customer relationship management solution. We sought to understand the needs of restaurants and provide partners with the tools to reach and maintain customers.

AppSuite has a historic partnership with POS integration software, Oracle Food and Beverage (formally known as Micros), and continues to partner with other key POS players like Maitreā€™D. We continue to create best-in-class technology and evolve offerings to power restaurant growth.

Our Team

James Daleen
Chairman, CEO

Rachel Stowe
Director, Business Development

Patrick Daleen
Chief Development Officer

Gint Raciunas
Co-Founder, VP Operations

Ross Hunton
Chief Technology Officer
Robert McLeod
Toy Peterson
Professional Services Manager

Slavik Radchenko
Senior Developer

Mary Leaf
Business Development & Operations Support

Konstantin Melnikov
Project Manager, Development

Bill Kadlec
Senior Specialist, POS Support

Valeriy Grozdev
Level 2 Support Agent

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