Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction With An Interactive Self-Service Experience

An Elevated In-Store Experience

Appsuite takes your online ordering to the next level of customer service, enabling your business to provide a unified, secure, interactive ordering experience for guests via kiosk that works like the mobile app they’ve come to rely on.

complete integration to your pos

Orders flow seamlessly to the kitchen more quickly and with greater accuracy in high traffic environments.

touchscreen solution

Offers complete payment and receipt printing capabilities.

Improved Operations

Free up employees to work on higher-value tasks, reduce waiting times and increase throughput during peak hours.

The Appsuite Kiosk Advantage

Our kiosk’s provide a liberating experience for customers, putting the power in their hands and in the process delivering more accurate orders and faster service.
  • Reduce Labor Costs and increase Profits
  • Combat Labor Shortages and Wage Inflation
  • Increase Order Velocity by Adding Kiosk to Your Omni-Channel Ordering Methods
  • Pre-Integrated to Appsuite 1:1 Unified Service Offerings for Mobile, Gift and Loyalty
  • POS Menu Integration to Reduce Operating Overhead
  • EMV – Card Present Credit Card Processing to Reduce Costs and Eliminate Chargebacks
  • Marketing and Upselling Features to Increase Ticket Size and Margins

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