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Increase Profits

Reduce Labor Costs, Improve Order Velocity, and Customer Satisfaction With Appsuite’s Interactive Self-Service Kiosk!

An Elevated In-Store Experience

Appsuite takes your customer ordering solution to the next level, enabling your business to provide a unified, secure, interactive ordering experience for guests via kiosk that works like the mobile app they’ve come to rely on.  Our solution comes out of the box fully integrated with the ORACLE SIMPHONY POint of Sale system.
Unified customer experience integrated to the Oracle Simphony POS.

complete integration to your pos

Orders flow seamlessly to the kitchen directly into your kitchen printers and kitchen display systems with our seamless integration to Oracle’s Simphony POS.  This allows orders to be processed more quickly and with greater accuracy in high traffic environments.  It also allows you to take advantage of other guest services such as Appuite’s Gift Card program, Rewards program, and amazing CRM solution!

touchscreen solution

Offers complete payment and receipt printing capabilities.  Built upon the power, scale are reliability of the Android operating system and amazing Kiosk solution provided by ELO Touch.

Improved Operations

Free up employees to work on higher-value tasks, reduce waiting times and increase throughput during peak hours improving your revenue to employee ratios and profits.  Our Kiosk solution is also ideal for food hall applications with built in multi-concept ordering support.  

The Appsuite Kiosk Advantage

Our self help food ordering kiosk’s provide a liberating experience for customers, putting the power in their hands and in the process delivering more accurate orders and faster service.  Customer’s have come to expect easy to use multi-channel digital ordering options from modern restaurants.  Appsuite’s Oracle Simphony POS integration solution provides support for every order method including, Kiosk, Mobile apps, Web Ordering, Phone-in, and in-person ordering.
  • Reduce Labor Costs and increase Profits
  • Combat Labor Shortages and Wage Inflation
  • Increase Order Velocity by Adding Kiosk to Your Omni-Channel Ordering Methods
  • Pre-Integrated to Appsuite 1:1 Unified Service Offerings for Mobile, Gift and Loyalty
  • POS Menu synchronization to Reduce Operating Overhead by streamlining menu management and automatically taking items offline when they are out of stock (86 feature).
  • EMV – Card Present Credit Card Processing to Reduce Costs and Eliminate Chargebacks
  • Marketing and Upselling Features to Increase Ticket Size and Margins

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