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Get real-time insights on your performance through Appsuite’s Survey Platform

Take Control of Your Brand Image Through the Help of Appsuite’s Survey Functions.

Appsuite’s Survey Platform gives you a direct line to your guests by allowing you to create:

Customizable Questions

Create surveys that are tailored to your customers at every location.

Real-time triggers and alerts

Generate surveys based on guest visits and trigger notifications immediately of any negative reviews.


Understanding what your guests are purchasing through surveys and overall category performance gives you the data you need to make a change.

Knowledge Gives You the Power to Take Action

Customizable surveys give you insights into what’s happening in your business and the power to do something about it.  

Guest Services

Through Appsuite’s campaign system, you can create unique guest service offers. 


Schedule survey results to your GM, RM, and Owners to keep track of your corporate performance.

Employee Performance

Hold your employees accountable by looking back at every visit they handled and what how well they performed.

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