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Loyalty & Rewards

Say “Thank You” with Appsuite’s Loyalty and Rewards Program. 

Develop your relationship with customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the  relationship with them, turning first time visitors into loyal fans, increasing satisfaction and profits!
Gets customers in the door and keep them coming back when you couple our Loyalty and Reward program with our CRM engine designed to automatically target on a 1-1 basis the best practice marketing programs to guest to increase visits, spend, and profits! 

Build the ultimate Loyalty Program

Keep your customers rewarded for what makes sense in your business.  Save time and work by leveraging our out-of-the-box integration with the Oracle Micros Simphony POS!


Reward loyalty through customizable, tiered rewards – unique to each member.


Allow customers to gain dollar-for-dollar points, and with double or triple point reward days.


In your store on on your app, customers can use their points whenever they want.

Actionable Intelligence 

Designing, building, and sending a new campaign has never been easier.


Trigger an offer based on a wide range of pre-configured event triggers.


With one extra click, you can turn your customized campaign into a marketing blast.


See the effectiveness of your campaigns to drive decisions for the next one.

Positive reinforcement

Tiered rewards, spending driven points, and activity based points let you incentivize good behavior.

Long arm of loyalty

Reach your customers by email, through SMS, on Facebook or Twitter – Appsuite gets you everywhere.

Personalized notifications

No more, one size fits all, approach. Customize and personalize the messages to your guests.

Incentive Options

Discounting isn’t always the answer, customers want options!

Virtual Gift Cards

Send out a virtual gift card to a customer with optional day and time restrictions.

Cloud Printers

Give your guests differnt earn rates based on how loyalt the actually are.

Free Points

Have a new menu item? Give out free points when your customers purchase it during the first week.

Customizable Controls

With the ability to control where and when your offers can be redeemed, you  can guide your guests were you want them.

Day, Week, Month

Drive your guests to come in when during the times you need it most.


Choose where the offers can be redeemed from (online only, in-store only, etc.)

Minimum Spend

Ensure that you don’t give the house away by configured spend limits on your offers.

Program Administration Tools

Tools built to make the management of your loyalty programs a breeze.

Tablet – Loyalty Manager

iOS Loyalty Manager app allows staff to manage all aspects of the rewards program on-site.

Admin Pannel

Check in on customers, their rewards, actions, and behaviors to gain critical insights from our powerful CRM tool.

Want to know more about Loyalty and Rewards? Download our spec sheet here.

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