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Drive Increased Loyalty, Guest Satisfaction, and Profits with our Hospitality Package!

Appsuite’s robust online ordering, CRM and rewards program enables our hospitality clients to build a connected system between all profit centers to maximize guest spending, increase loyalty, and drive revenue growth!

A solution for every service type

A centralized loyalty and rewards system for all on-premise profit centers

Unified Rewards

Reward users when they shop on-site whether that be at the coffee shop, the gift shop, the bar, or any restaurant

Tailored Offers

Send specials or offers to entice users to experience everything the hotel or resort has to offer 

Customized Earning Rates

Set different rewards rates at different service offerings to help fine-tune profit margins while still encouraging guests to diversify their use of the different businesses available 

Online and mobile ordering

Bring the best of food and drink to the guest, wherever they are on-premise 

Customized Web and app experience

Create a custom branded web or app to extend the guests physical experience on-site to the digital realm 

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Whether at the pool, on the beach, or in their room, make their stay unforgettable by bringing food and drink right to them 

POS Integration

Directly integrate the online ordering experience with the Oracle Simphony POS for direct delivery to the kitchen or bar

Mitigate the impact of seasonality

Keep revenue flowing outside of peak season with our integrated CRM solution

Build a Strong Local Following

Bring the locals in with special offers to help fill dips in revenue during off-peak times

Unified Gift Cards

Offer gift cards that work at all profit centers, and reward purchases for locals or visitors alike

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