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Complete Food Hall Solution

Kiosk | Online Ordering | Mobile apps | Digital Workflow | Delivery | Gift Cards | Loyalty & Rewards | Marketing
When it comes to selecting the right solution for your food service operation, priority one is selecting a partner that has the entire solution you need for success.  Appsuite has a seamlessly integrated solution to enable you to create an amazing unified experience for your employees out of the box!

Appsuite’s Multi-Location Ordering Simplifies the Food Hall Dining Experience

One kiosk Many concepts

One simple online experience to build a multi-concept order while maintaining brand identity.

End to end workflow

Appsuite’s solution provides structure to the entire order, pickup, and delivery process.

Simplified messaging

The solution is enabled by clear messaging, intuitive design.

integration to THE Oracle Micros Simphony POS

The solution is seamlessly connected to the Oracle Simphony point of sale system and supports a unified customer experience at every channel (Kiosk, Workstation, Mobile app, Web app, and call-in).


A Full Suite of Integrated Appsuite Solutions


Terminals across each dining concept plus additional centralized kiosk provide an intuitive, secure, interactive ordering experience.

Online Ordering

Order Management system provides seamless integration across all unique brands to the point of sale.

Loyalty & rewards

Personalized marketing and offers increase customer retention, engagement, and return visits to the food hall.


Magnetic or e-gift cards can be used in-store or in-app across each unique dining concept.
Unified customer experience integrated to the Oracle Simphony POS.

Appsuite solved the Technology Complexities

Unique independent menus

Each of the unique dining concepts have different menu items, prices, fees, taxes, and item availability

One order – many tickets

Customer order presented to the customer as one ticket while behind the scenes each concept receives a separate ticket for the items on the order pertaining to them.

Unified customer experience

Whether the customer is at the kiosk, counter, curbside, website, or app they experience the same unified presentation of the menu along with ubiquitous access to member services, gift, loyalty, and payments at every channel.

Clarity in order handling

Appsuite provides operational clarity for handling multi-channel ordering across every method including; onsite, pickup, curbside, and delivery orders.

Appsuite – Oracle Simphony POS product synergy

Customer Benefits
– Simplified scalable platform with lower cost of ownership – Secure, seamless, and compliant payment processing – Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual support
Program Results
– Rapid program adoption – Improved customer satisfaction – Increased profits, higher ticket prices, lower labor costs

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