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online Ordering

Online Ordering at Your Fingertips!


Support every channel customers are looking for: mobile apps, web, QR, or Kiosk all seamlessly integrated to gift, loyalty, rewards, and secure payments!

Online ordering gives you one more way to satisfy your customers’ cravings, whenever and wherever they are.  The Appsuite – Oracle team offer the most complete and powerful solution in the industry!

Designed to suit your needs

Appsuite’s Order Management System (OMS) can be set up for both integrated and non-integrated environments, giving you full connectivity to Appsuite’s loyalty, gift cards, delivery, and marketing modules!

One platform across all your devices

Responsive Design

Ubiquitous Experience that never quits

Desktop and Mobile

Allow your customers to have the same experience no matter what device they are on!


Integrate Appsuite’s plugins to your website within minutes.

Open API’s

Fully customize the experience by integrating with Appsuite’s REST API’s!

Payment Gateway Integrated

Appsuite is pre-integrated with a number of payment gateways making it quick and easy to collect and receive payments.

Curbside Pickup


PCI Compliant

Never worry about handling sensitive credit card information.



Coming soon, all Appsuite functions will be fully integrated with Google and Apple Pay.

 Batched Daily

Your Control

Customers expect contactless or near contactless pickup, Appsuite has you covered


Order Update Notifications


Keep your customers informed. Send customized messages to your guests.


Restaurant Notifications


React quickly to your customers arriving, by always knowing when they arrive!


 Customer Notifications

Convenience, confidence, health and safety conscious

Easy. Fast. Reliable.

Delivery Integration

Appsuite's Integrated OMS pairs seamlessly with your POS, allowing orders to compliment your in-store workflow as well as connect to the other great Appsuite products.
components include:
  • 3rd party delivery
  • Fully integrated to POS and Kitchen
  • iOS Tablet to manage orders
  • "Cloud Print" enabled device to compliment in-store printing
  • Call Center Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Integration
Appsuite’s Integrated Order Management System pairs seamlessly with your POS, and features flow through ordering from mobile app or desktop, to the kitchen.
components include:
  • Single or multi-station cloud printing
  • Delivery and driver management
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Call-in support
  • Integration with a call center or DoorDash as a delivery partner

Driver Tracking

See where your order is in real-time.

Address Validation

Google validated addresses to ensure they are deliverable.

Reliable Quote Times

Real-time checks to get up-to-date delivery estiamtes.

Plug n Play

Cloud Printers

Label Paper Options

Printers with peel and stick label paper.

Customizable Print Classes

Add sophisticated logic for your cloud print receipts.

3″ Thermal Printers

Add optional receipt printers to enhance your POS printing. 

Tablet – Order Manager

Understand and react to the fast pace life of a restaurant / kitchen

Order Statuses

Customizable workflow tool based on order status.

Search any order

Look up past or future orders in only a few seconds.

Notify Customers

Send custom notifications to your guests, updating them on their order.

Partial / Full Refunds

Quickly issue partial or full refunds directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Reprint Order Receipts

Integrated wiht Cloud Print to re-print orders when necessary.

Customer’s Previous Orders

View all previous orders for a guest, quickly and easily.

Want to know more about Online Ordering? Download either our Integrated or Non-Integrated spec sheets!

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