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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Frisco Case Study

Appsuite’s flexible solution enabled the corporate dining customer to overcome complex challenges across payment methods, variable discounting, and menu changes, leading to a frictionless and highly adopted dining experience.

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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Frisco (Baylor Frisco) is an award-winning hospital and a Joint Venture with Baylor Scott & White Health. Their mission is to provide the opportunity to every individual within Frisco and the surrounding communities the highest standard of quality health care services, designed with excellence and safety foremost, delivered with dignity and demonstrated with respect to those they serve.


Baylor Frisco faced the challenge of streamlining their dining operations to better serve both employees and public diners, ordering both online and at the point of sale. This required a technology solution that could handle complexities such as payroll deduction, variable discounting, and frequent menu changes. The primary focus was to deliver a seamless, fast, and user-friendly experience for medical employees who had limited time to order and pick up food amidst their demanding schedules.

Appsuite’s solution not only addressed the complexities of payment methods, order options, and menu flexibility, but also introduced several key features that enhanced convenience, accuracy, and employee satisfaction.


↑ 27%


Appsuite implemented a complete and comprehensive solution fully integrated into Oracle’s POS to address Baylor Frisco’s complex requirements. Appsuite‘s powerful Loyalty and CRM engine set the groundwork for the team to solve this unique use case.

The Appsuite platform has enabled both online and in-store ordering for employees and customers, facilitating a convenient and frictionless process. The highlight of the solution is the payroll deduct feature, allowing employees to effortlessly deduct the meal price directly from their paychecks. The introduction of online ordering and payroll deduct capabilities have proven to be game-changers for Baylor Frisco. With online ordering, employees gain the convenience of picking up their orders while still being able to utilize their employee discount, eliminating the need to wait in line. This feature has streamlined the dining experience, saving valuable time for busy medical professionals.



To accommodate all Baylor Frisco employees, Appsuite implemented complex rules to govern discounts and payroll deduction limits. By tailoring discount levels to different employee groups, the system seamlessly and accurately calculates the savings for each individual. Moreover, the system allows for limitations on discounted orders per day and by meal timeframe, ensuring fair usage and cost control. This digital transformation has replaced a cumbersome manual process with a streamlined and user-friendly solution, resulting in increased adoption and reduced misuse.

“Appsuite’s solution has done more than I imagined it could do. They have been able to meet all of our needs.

We knew we were unique and had complex challenges. When we asked Oracle who could possibly help, Appsuite was the only name they gave us.”

– Jana Pitcock, Director of Food and Nutrition at Baylor Scott & White Frisco


Appsuite’s solution simplified menu updates, empowering their team to easily manage daily specials and seasonal changes. The platform offered a user-friendly interface that allowed the customer to own their menu updates effortlessly, while also improving order accuracy for the end user. Additionally, the the Appsuite solution provided comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling the Baylor Scott & White Health team to easily track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.


Appsuite’s solution has been widely adopted across all levels of the organization, from the C-Suite to doctors, nurses, and part-time staff. Payroll deduct orders now account for a significant 74% of total orders, simplifying back end accounting processes and reducing credit card transaction fees. The simplicity of the solution has enabled Baylor Frisco to expand online ordering during off-peak hours, further catering to the needs of their employees and customers.



Within just eight months of implementing Appsuite’s solutions, Baylor Frisco experienced a substantial 27% increase in order volume. The average number of visits per user per month grew to 6.8, indicating high engagement and repeat usage. In the first month alone, online ordering jumped from being nonexistent to 26% of total orders. Since launch, online ordering has continued to grow, and in the past five months has consistently accounted for approximately 41% of total orders.

Overall, the team has been extremely satisfied with the Appsuite solution, benefiting from improved order accuracy, reduced costs, and elevated customer satisfaction. Employees are highly satisfied with the streamlined ordering process which has saved them valuable time, as complex and variable employee discounts can be seamlessly applied both online and at the point of sale. This improved service translates into better customer experience for Baylor Frisco’s employees, patients, and visitors.




Appsuite’s powerful digital solutions create immense potential for businesses aiming to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and complex order capabilities. With a comprehensive suite of tools including kiosks, loyalty programs, and online ordering, Appsuite empowers businesses to cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers, leading to significant improvements in customer retention, satisfaction, and overall efficiency and profitability.

To discover how Appsuite’s solution can drive a successful partnership for your business, contact our team and explore the potential benefits of this cutting-edge platform.

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