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Establishing a Loyalty Program That Keeps Your Guest Coming Back for More


Engaging Your Customers with Appsuite


Technology is getting smarter and faster every minute and at Appsuite, we believe not all loyalty programs look the same. In this guide, we breakdown how our services can help you when establishing a loyalty program that brings customers through the door and keeps them coming back for more.




  • Establishing a Loyalty Program That Rewards Your Customers for Doing What They Love

  • Building Your Campaign with Appsuite

  • Making the Most of Your Marketing Strategy with Appsuite

  • Keeping Your Guests Engaged by Offering Options

  • Micros POS Services

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Establishing a Loyalty Program That Rewards Your Customers for Doing What They Love


Appsuite is here to help you build the ultimate loyalty program that works best for your business and serves your customers. Through our loyalty and reward program technology, we are able to help you keep your customers feeling rewarded every time they come to your store. This can be done through features like:


Personalized Rewards:

  • This feature allows your business to set up customizable and tiered reward loyalty that is unique to each of your guests.

Spending Driven Points:

  • Reward your customers as they spend money. Choose from dollar-for-dollar points and double or triple point reward days.

Easy-To-Redeem Rewards:

  • Allow your customers to redeem rewards in-store or on your app, whenever and wherever.


Building Your Campaign With Appsuite


Through a partnership with Appsuite, you can design, build, and send a new campaign to your customers without any unnecessary stress. This can be done by setting up:


Customizable Event Triggers:

  • These notifications can be sent to your guests for offers based on a wide range of pre-configured event triggers.

Notify Your Guests:

  • Appsuite allows you to turn your customized campaigns into a marketing blast with just one click.


  • This service allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns through interactive data.

Stay Present Everywhere:

  • With Appsuite, you will be able to reach your customers by email, through SMS, on Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Making the Most of Your Marketing Strategy with Appsuite


Appsuite’s Campaigns and Notifications create a seamless experience that allows you to send marketing offers based on qualified triggers. For example, our technology can help you reach:


The Right Demographics:

  • Gift customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, for completing their profiles, or for visiting locations.

Customers Who Haven’t Been In for a While:

  • Automatically reach out to guests who haven’t visited your store or made a purchase recently.

Guests Who are Spending More:

  • Give extra points for swag or bundle purchases and encourage more spending.


Keeping Your Guests Engaged by Offering Options


Guests today expect options. At Appsuite, we make it easy to be versatile! We can help your business offer more than just discounts. We can help you set up:


Virtual Gift Cards:

  • Through Appsuite, you will be able to send out a virtual gift card to your guests with optional day and time restrictions.

Cloud Printers:

  • This option allows your business to give your guests different ways to earn rates based on how loyal they are.

Free Points:

  • Guests love to earn points that eventually lead to a free option. With Appsuite, you’ll be able to give out free points when your customers purchase a menu item during the first week.


Micros POS Services


Appsuite’s products, including our loyalty and reward programs, integrate with every version of Oracle’s POS Systems, inducing:


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Today, more than 550 restaurants trust Appsuite to help their businesses grow. If you would like to learn more about joining our growing list of satisfied partners, we encourage you to Request a Demo.