Gift Cards

More ways to gift and pay

Digital gift cards, e-wallet, and mag cards let your customers send their loved ones gift cards, plus give customers other ways to pay

Physical and Virtual Cards

Modernize your gift cards.

Magnetic Gift Cards

Reward loyalty through customizable, tiered rewards – unique to each member..

Digital Gift Cards

Sell your cards online and have them emailed to your guests.


In-store or in-app, customers can purchase their cards that redeem by scanning their at the register. 

The way gift cards should be done.

Gift cards are pretty standard…but not with Appsuite.


Modernize your existing gift cards with Appsuite’s ability to re-load a card when the balance is low.

Linking to Members

Never loose a card again. Link new or existing cards to a members accounts.

System Integrated 

Enable your gift cards to be purchased and redeemed throughout Appsuite’s products.


Scheduled Delivery 

Choose the day and time to deliver the virtual gift cards. 

Send to a Friend

Send a virtual gift card to a loved one for any special occasion.

Multiple Images

Upload a gift card image for every occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, etc). 

Website Extensible

Embed plugins to your site within minutes.


Enable your guests to buy gift card from your website.


Check the remaining balance of your card.


Check full history balance including amount, date and location.

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