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Appsuite’s Integrated Order Management System (OMS) pairs seamlessly with your POS, allowing online orders to complement your in-store workflow with complete synchronization to POS prices and menu.


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How Appsuite empowers 
your success

Reduce Costs

through singular sourcing a wide range of solutions and consequent reduction in IT complexity

Reduce Risk

with Appsuite 24/7 security, monitoring and GDPR / PCI DSS / CCPA regulation compliance

Increase Growth

by connecting your guests to you one-to-one, through unified, effective channels — in all the ways they want to connect

No matter your industry, we’ve
got a solution for you

Appsuite is built to work with businesses that want to
provide exemplary service to their guests

Quick Service Restaurants

Fast Casual Restaurants

Casual Dining Restaurants

Pizza Restaurants

Fine Dining Restaurants

Hotels & Resorts

Sports & Entertainment Venues

Our customer facing solutions

Show your customers your best side

Appsuite brings you a series of tools that will help you gain new customers, keep them happy and keep them coming back

online ordering

Our Progressive-Web-App allows seamless ordering through your website for pick up, delivery, and curbside or tableside/seat/room delivery.

3rd Party Delivery

Doordash integration gives your customer more ways to order from you.

unique Loyalty program

Credit card or event triggered rewards gives your guests points with every purchase or special occassion.

Easily Redeemed Rewards

Keep them engaged by making it simple for guests to turn in their earned points for menu or merchandise purchases.

Call center support

Keep your staff off the phones with professional call center support for phone-in orders.

Physical & e-Gift cards

Give customers multiple ways to send and receive balance loaded cards to mailbox or inbox.

Branded Mobile apps

Align your apps to your brand and deliver a consistent customer experience.

Credit card payment

Your customers can pay with their credit cards in store or online.

24/7 security & compliance

Rest assured and give guests peace of mind with state-of-the-art security and full compliance of GDPR/PCI/CCPA.

Fully integrated POS

Fully integrates with your POS for order management and payment processing.

Order Management system

Integrated or non-integrated means to fully connect your POS from ordering to kitchen.

menu synchronization

From single to multi-location, online or
in-store — sync up your menus with ease.

OUr back of the house solutions

We make it our business to take care of your business

Appsuite’s behind-the-scenes features makes your business a well oiled machine. Supporting your staff, kitchens, and drivers every step of the way.

Delivery support system

Manage in house delivery logistics with route creation and tracking of the entire delivery process.

Cloud Order Printing

Set up custom printing workflows for streamlined order fulfillment

Data conversion

Custom or templated spreadsheets allow standardization of import data.


A convenient, role-based tool for staff to manage rewards and gift cards or support online order management.

Payment processing

Multiple payment gateways enable processing in the US and internationally.

REST api’s

Partners and customers can integrate virtually any feature Appsuite enables.

Appsuite analytics has the answers

Advanced analytics tracks your customer satisfaction, staff
performance and accounting data in real time

Keep track of your customers buying and engagement habits to better serve their needs.

Identify the strenghts and weaknesses of your staff to optimize their productivity with real-time surveys.

Provide on demand or scheduled reports via email, uniquely profiled for each stakeholder at any level.

“To have a single system that can handle orders, rewards, loyalty, gift cards, and marketing across all of our brands and locations is like a dream come true!” Anthony Sabga-Aboud • Director, Global Brands Group of Companies

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