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Appsuite’s powerful solutions successfully set their customer up for exponential growth by building a solid foundation of enhanced in-store and online experiences, boosting margin and order efficiency while maintaining strong customer satisfaction.

FelFel Mediterranean is a locally owned and operated fast-casual restaurant located in Denver, Colorado. With its roots in fresh ingredients and quality recipes made from scratch, FelFel saw success soon after opening its doors in 2013. However, the team quickly identified the need to build a solid digital infrastructure in order to expand into additional locations and concepts.


FelFel found itself grappling with the challenge of creating a seamless and streamlined customer experience across both in-store and online ordering systems. As they sought to optimize customer flow and lay a solid foundation for growth, FelFel needed a solution that could reduce labor costs without sacrificing their exceptional product and service quality.

It was crucial for them to strike a delicate balance between attracting tech-savvy customers with an intuitive digital experience and catering to the needs of those less digitally focused. This meant finding a comprehensive solution that would seamlessly integrate all aspects of their operations while driving adoption across various demographics. FelFel knew they needed a powerful, all-encompassing CRM system under one roof to work in conjunction with the Oracle Simphony point of sale and address these pressing challenges to propel their business forward.

Appsuite’s range of products emerged as the perfect solution for FelFel, addressing their challenges by creating a unified customer experience across online and in-store ordering platforms.

Though implemented less than one year ago, FelFel has already experienced remarkable success with the implementation of Appsuite’s ordering kiosks. The efficiency and versatility of these ordering systems has directly led to an 11% increase in operating margin, largely driven by a significant decrease in labor cost during peak hours. These intuitive kiosks have streamlined ordering, resulting in an impressive 48% YoY reduction in average ticket time. According to a FelFel customer survey, 83% of respondents rated their experience of ordering via a kiosk as extremely easy.

Staff training for the kiosks was quick and intuitive, its simple interface accommodating non-native English speaking employees with ease. While the kiosk implementation enhanced overall efficiency, the human element was preserved to maintain a warm, personal touch in customer service.

With the Appsuite kiosks, FelFel has been able to retain employees and distribute their hours more sustainably, all while maintaining its high quality of service.

“Appsuite’s solution has created a more driven and focused order platform. It has made our staff more streamlined and efficient. We are set up for success for growth into other formats and restaurants in the future with Appsuite and Oracle.”

– Esmail Suleiman, President & CEO of FelFel Mediterranean

By implementing a robust loyalty program, FelFel was able to significantly increase customer engagement, resulting in a remarkable growth in membership from 2.7k in 2016 to 21k by 2023.

Appsuite enhanced FelFel’s gift card system, allowing customers the flexibility to check balances, redeem cards online, send virtual gifts, and auto-reload, all while linking the gift cards to user accounts. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless experience for customers and simplified management for FelFel within the existing Oracle Simphony point of sale system


The collaboration between FelFel and Appsuite brought significant improvements to the restaurant’s operations. Kiosk implementation and the increased order efficiency led to an extraordinary 24% decrease in peak labor hours, equating to a 6.2% decrease in direct labor costs, while total labor hours remained consistent. During this same time period, “wages and salaries increased 4.6 percent for the 12-month period ending in June 2023” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This addition of this digital technology will help FelFel fight wage inflation in the future while continuing to strengthen their bottom line.

Oracle’s comprehensive restaurant performance reports also show that FelFel’s sales metrics since the implementation of kiosks have remained strong, indicating healthy and consistent growth. The reduction of bottlenecks and multiple points of order enabled a more efficient workflow. As a result, FelFel achieved its goal of creating a seamless, intuitive, and non-disruptive digital experience for all customers.