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Understanding Your Customer: Making Surveys Easy With Appsuite


One of the most important factors that goes into running a successful restaurant is customer feedback. At Appsuite, we recognize the importance of understanding your guests and are dedicated to making that process as easy as possible for you.

In this guide, we break down the ways Appsuite’s survey programs can improve your restaurant’s performance and increase membership growth.



  • Understanding Your Guests With Appsuite

  • Appsuite: Your Single Provider 

  • Build Your Next Survey With Appsuite Today


Understanding Your Guests With Appsuite:


From knowing if the food was prepared correctly to how friendly your staff is, it all builds towards a brand image. Appsuite’s survey platform gives you real-time insights into your restaurant’s performance. This is done the features like:


  • Through Appsuite’s survey services, you choose the categories and questions you want to ask your guests.


  • Real-time triggers and alerts prompt for a survey based on guest visits. This feature notifies you immediately of  any negative reviews.


  • At Appsuite, we provide you with the data you need to make necessary changes. We believe understanding what the guest purchased, previous surveys and overall category performance, gives you the input you need to take care of your guests.


  • Through Appsuite, you are able to schedule survey results to go straight to your General Manager, Regional Manager, and Owners to keep track of your corporate performance.


  • Appsuite survey feature allows you to hold your employees accountable. This can be done by looking back at the visits they have handled and how they performed.


Appsuite: Your Single Provider

Appsuite offers a combined set of services to both the food and beverage industry and the hospitality industry worldwide.

They include:

  1. Loyalty
  2. Rewards
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Marketing Tools
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. Surveys


Pulling all these aspects together from a single provider is unique for three key reasons.


1) Reducing the Cost:

  • Appsuite can help drive down the cost of providing services through a single provider. This is compared to what it would cost for four or five suppliers, which is what it usually takes to accomplish this goal.

2) Reducing the Risk:

  • Appsuite takes away any security headaches you may run into. This done through 

    • A single secure database for all customer data. 

    • Compliance with new financial and consumer privacy regulations.

3) Unified Customer Experience:

  • Appsuite has synergized each element to provide a unified experience for the customer. In an omni-channel environment, which is where a consumer can come into a restaurant, go through the drive-through, or mobile order, Appsuite makes sure that each experience is identical. That means customers can use their gift cards, get points and all the benefits are equal. The process and the customer journey are smooth in each and every scenario.


Build Your Next Survey With Appsuite Today:

Micros POS Services

Appsuite’s products, including our survey features, integrate with every version of Oracle’s POS Systems, inducing:

  1. Micros Simphony
  2. Oracle Micros RES 3700


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