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Ordering Out, Eating In: Keeping Your Customers Safe and Your Business Afloat During The Covid-19 Pandemic.


At Appsuite, we focus on your customers so that you can focus on your restaurant.

The start of the new year kicks off as restaurants nationwide continue to struggle to keep their doors open during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The National Restaurant Association reports, as of December 2020, 17% of restaurants in the U.S. had closed permanently or long-term because of the pandemic. According to the association, that adds up to more than 110,000 establishments. Our intent during this time is to help keep your customers safe and business afloat during the pandemic.

Right now, for the lowest risk of spreading the virus, the CDC recommends limiting food services to:

  1. Drive-through
  2. Delivery
  3. Take-out
  4. Curbside pickup

Limiting services has taken a toll on small restaurants and popular food chains alike. Fewer bodies coming through the door typically equals less revenue, making it hard for businesses to get by. 

Appsuite’s online ordering services provide food and beverage industry owners with a solution that can help them adapt to strict guidelines while also continuing to leverage their services.


Table Of Contents

  1. Keep Your Customers Safe With Online Ordering

  2. Responsive Design

  3. Payment Gateway Integrated

  4. Curbside Pickup

  5. Delivery Integration

  6. Request a Demo


Keep Customers Safe With Online Ordering

For those working in the Food and Beverage Industry during Covid-19, it’s necessary to get creative to stay afloat. Online ordering gives you one more way to satisfy your customers’ cravings while providing them a safe option to eat out. Appsuite’s Integrated Order Management System Pairs seamlessly with your POS, allowing orders to complement your in-store workflow and inspire more sales. 


Responsive Design

In this day and age, flexibility is critical. Our responsive design is suited to fill your needs, whatever they may be. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Desktop and Mobile Services to Keep Customers Safe: 

    • Appsuite’s online ordering services allow users to have a universal experience no matter what device they are on!
  • Embeddable Plugins:

    • Appsuite’s plugins can be integrated into your website within minutes.
  • Open APIs to Keep Business Afloat:

    • Appsuite’s REST APIs allow for a fully customizable experience.


Integrated Payment Gateway

At Appsuite, we understand how important it is to get things done on time. We are prepared to provide you quick and easy ways to collect and receive payments. With our services, you can expect payment methods to be:

  • SECURE: PCI Compliant

    • It is vital to keep your business’ and your customers’ information safe. Appsuite offers PCI Compliant methods of payment that accomplish just that.

    • Smart Pay – Coming soon, all Appsuite functions will be fully integrated with Google and Apple Pay.


Delivery Integrations to Keep Your Customers Safe

Once an order hits the road, our delivery integration features allow your business to track it to make sure it arrives to your customer on time. These features consist of:

  • DoorDash Delivery:

    • Seamlessly outsource your delivery process through Appsuite’s direct integration with DoorDash.
  • Driver Tracking:

    • See where your order is in real-time.
  • Address Validation:

    • Google validated addresses to ensure orders are deliverable.
  • Reliable Quote Times:

    • Real-time checks give you up-to-date delivery estimates.


Keep Customers Safe With Curbside Pickup

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to impact families across the country, it is necessary to provide customers with contactless or near contactless pickup. Appsuite is here to make that process as easy as possible for you. We offer:

  • Order Update Notifications to Keep Customers Safe:

    • This feature allows you to keep your customers informed by sending them customized messages.
  • Restaurant Notifications to Keep Business Afloat:

    • With this feature, you will be able to react quickly to your customers arriving by always knowing when they are ready to pick up.


Tablet Order Manager

Appsuite’s Tablet Order Manager provides your business with materials that help your employees understand and react to the fast pace life of a restaurant or kitchen. These tools allow you to:

  • Order Statuses:

    • Customizable workflow tool based on order status.
  • Search any Order:

    • Look up past or future orders in only a few seconds.
  • Notifications to Keep Customers Safe:

    • Send custom notifications to your guests, updating them on their orders.
  • Fulfill Partial or Full Refunds:

    • Quickly issue partial or full refunds directly from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Reprint Order Receipts:

    • Integrated with Cloud Print to reprint orders when necessary.
  • View Customer’s Previous Orders:

    • View all previous orders for a guest quickly and easily.


Request a Demo

Today, more than 550 restaurants trust Appsuite to keep customers safe and business afloat during The Pandemic. If you would like to learn more about joining our growing list of satisfied partners, we encourage you to Request a Demo.