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The Next Generation of Appsuite: Powering Restaurant Growth Through Technology

The Next Generation of Appsuite: Powering Restaurant Growth Through Technology


Appsuite Offers POS Integration Designed For Your Success


Chicago, Illinois – (May 13, 2021) – Appsuite continues to elevate the Restaurant Technology Industry with the release of its next generation of 2.0 apps. The user-friendly interface is equipped with the ability to integrate to a restaurant’s website, as well as run natively on iOS and Android.


“We pride ourselves on our culture of innovation and customer centric unified solutions.  Our latest release of our next generation 2.0 apps and online ordering advancements are a strong example of how we constantly challenge ourselves to use technology to simplify the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition!” – James Daleen, CEO and Chairman of Appsuite


Through this next generation of technology, Appsuite’s Integrated Order Management System (OMS) pairs seamlessly with a restaurant’s POS system, allowing online orders to complement an in-store workflow with complete synchronization to POS prices and menu. Appsuite’s online ordering encourages fulfillment of immediate and future orders, along with a user-friendly guest experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


This new version of Appsuite’s software boasts support for more than 2 dozen unique order method capabilities, which include, but are not limited to, pickup, delivery, curbside, stadium seating,  dockside, room service, and many more. Businesses are able to select which options are appropriate for them and then they can personalize the parameters by individual order methods for hours of operation, payment options, minimum purchase amount, checkout fields and order lead time. 


Appsuite has also added support for popular digital wallet options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Finally, there are new convenient features for menu options such as combo meals, allergens, nutrition information, and enhanced image management.


POS Integrated Ordering components can include 3rd Party Delivery, In-House Delivery, Mobile  and Web Apps, Call Center Support, Cloud Printing, Caller ID Phone-In Order Support  


About Appsuite

Appsuite seeks to understand the needs of restaurants and provide their partners with tools to reach and maintain customers through their best-in-class technology platform. What began as a simple mobile app to display menus and restaurant information, has evolved into a full-scale customer relationship management solution. Learn more about Appsuite at:

Breaking Down QR Codes With Appsuite

Breaking Down QR Codes With Appsuite

Saving Time and Improving Efficiency with QR Codes With the Help of Appsuite QR Code Services

Saving Time and Improving Efficiency with QR Codes With the Help of Appsuite QR Code Services


Though the QR code movement is something that may have caught on because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the technology that has been around for years. The popularity of the movement is now opening the eyes of restaurants all over the country to the ways they can improve their services and also keep their labor costs down.


At Appsuite, we can provide restaurants with the technology and guidance they need to cut costs and improve efficiency in both their kitchen and dining room. In this guide, we break down some of the benefits of implementing Appsuite QR code features, integrated with Micros POS Services, to enhance your overall customer experience.



  • Breaking Down The QR Experience

  • Saving Time and Improving Efficiency with QR Codes

  • Digital Menus with Appsuite’s QR code Services

  • Improve the Efficiency of Your Dining Room With Appsuite Today


Breaking Down The QR Experience 

Across the country, more and more restaurants are seeing the benefits of the QR code, not just to provide contactless ordering, but to improve the efficiency of their business.


A QR code experience would typically look like:

  1. You are seated at a restaurant at a table with a QR code on it. 
  2. You take out your phone, open up your camera and scan the QR code.
  3. A ticket will open up that will put that table number on it
  4. the menu will pull up so you can just start ordering. 
  5. After you order and that ticket is then fired, it’s sent into the kitchen through Appsuite’s integration with Oracle Food and Beverage POS systems.
  6. The table number will show up on the POS with the table number associated with that order so when they see it in the kitchen, they’ll know where to bring it.


In this process, your guest is able to place their order never having to touch or talk to anybody to get the process started, making it incredibly Covid-19 friendly. 


Saving Time and Improving Efficiency with QR Codes

The QR code movement is also opening the eyes of restaurants to be more attentive to looking at different ways to cater to customers to save time and energy and ultimately make a more enjoyable experience. 


We all know what it’s like to go to a busy restaurant and have to wait a while for the initial hello from a server to place a drink order. QR codes give your guests the ability to place their drink order right away, and get the process moving.


Digital Menus with Appsuite’s QR code Services

QR code ordering is also associated with menus and menu boards. Appsuite customers that simply don’t want to use a printed menu can use a menu board instead. 

Appsuite’s systems integrated with Micros POS Services provide you the ability to use integrated ordering to provide a digital menu to be displayed on your guests phone. This helps with:

  1. Preventing the spread of germs.
  2. Not having to print new menus daily.


With Appsuite ss your partner, you can go into our cloud and update your menu in real time. 


Improve the Efficiency of Your Dining Room With Appsuite Today!

Micros POS Services

Appsuite’s products, including our QR features, integrate with every version of Oracle’s POS Systems, inducing: 

  1. Micros Simphony
  2. Oracle Micros RES 3700


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Kettlemans Bagel Revamps the Contactless Ordering Experience with the Help of Oracle Food and Beverage, Appsuite, and Bluedot

Kettlemans Bagel Revamps the Contactless Ordering Experience with the Help of Oracle Food and Beverage, Appsuite, and Bluedot.


Say hello to the future of contactless dining. A Canadian food chain enlists the restaurant industry’s best software companies to improve the quick-service restaurant model.


Like many in the food and beverage industry, Canadian bagel chain, Kettlemans Bagel, has been privy to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought within the past year.


Beyond the changing needs of the pandemic, the continued challenge of providing customers with a seamless dining experience through upgraded ordering technology is an issue that is at the forefront of the restaurant industry.


With the help of Oracle Food and Beverage, Kettlemans has implemented integrated systems for online ordering and contactless payments into its new Oracle MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale (POS) system.


The integration required an introduction of members of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to help implement these solutions. Kettlemans was connected with Appsuite, a leading provider of restaurant CRM solutions, and Bluedot, an award-winning location platform embedded into a mobile app, to work together and create a streamlined integrated experience that starts from a user’s phone.


How It Works

After an order is placed online using Appsuite’s solution, Bluedot’s location and arrival detection software give customers the ability to bypass both the order box and the payment window, heading straight to the pick-up window.


This hyper-accurate geofencing will not only allow Kettlemans’ to more efficiently sequence orders in the drive-thru, but help kitchen staff prioritize orders and deliver fresh and ready menu items, such as their renowned Montreal-style wood-fired bagels, for mobile orders placed through Appsuite’s solution.


“This collaboration is integral in spearheading the new wave of quick-service restaurants. By utilizing our software in conjunction with Oracle and Bluedot, we are able to transform the customer experience and help restaurants in their time of need,” stated Jim Daleen, CEO of Appsuite. “Addressing the needs of our clients and working on processes with our partners helps us evolve the restaurant business model and allows us to integrate new features and products that are inevitable within the industry.”


“Logistics is the new customer engagement. Oftentimes mobile ordering and last touch are the only two chances to interact with a customer. The ability to improve these experiences across online and offline redefines how restaurant operators can serve their customers,” stated Emil Davityan, CEO of Bluedot. “We’re excited to partner with Appsuite and Oracle to deliver these solutions.”


This relationship is part of the larger effort to continue the conversation of digital-based technology within the food and beverage industry.


About Appsuite

Appsuite is the leading provider of Restaurant CRM solutions for the food and beverage industry. Their platform offers market-ready technology that successfully increases customer frequency through customer loyalty, rewards, and multi-channel marketing (email, Facebook, Twitter, mobile app push, and SMS), resulting in increased sales revenue. Learn more about Appsuite at


About Oracle Food & Beverage

Oracle Food and Beverage, formerly MICROS, brings 40 years of experience in providing software and hardware solutions to restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, coffee shops, cafes, stadiums, and theme parks. Thousands of operators, both large and small, around the world are using Oracle technology to deliver exceptional guest experiences, maximize sales, and reduce running costs.


About Bluedot

Bluedot’s award-winning location technology for QSRs and restaurants powers contactless mobile order pick-up for curbside or in-store, drive-thru efficiency, gamified AR experiences, and location-based loyalty programs. Learn more about Bluedot at


About Kettlemans Bagel

Founder and Montreal native Craig Buckley opened the first store in Ottawa in August of 1993. When he started the business, he simply wanted to make the best bagels. Rolling, kettling, and baking traditional Montreal-style bagels in a wood-burning oven using hand-picked hardwood, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to the traditional quality of the food. Learn more about Kettlemans Bagel at