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The Benefits of Having Restaurant Reward Apps Using Micros

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restaurant reward app using micros

The Benefits of Having Restaurant Reward Apps Using Micros

Restaurants are run in various ways. Whether you have a fine-dining establishment, fast-casual, fast food, or anything in between, how you run your restaurants and the benefits from them are the same reasons customers continue to go.  While the food is the factor that gets them through the door, adding an app where frequent customers can use it every visit to earn rewards, could be a beneficial way to establish loyalty and retain customers.  Appsuite provides business owners with a one-stop shop experience from ordering software to restaurant rewards apps. Here are just five benefits of using our Micros software to increase brand loyalty and provide a unique value proposition compared to other competitors:

Personalized Notifications

We understand how important it is for a customer to feel like they are valued and noticed. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the restaurant industry, and through our Micros software, we are able to personalize any messages to your guests.  Whether it’s welcoming them on joining the app, to birthday notifications, or reward achievements, we are able to make sure that no detail will go unnoticed regarding your customers. 

Long Arm of Loyalty

Unlike other vendors, we have a wide reach to your current and prospective customers. Our rewards apps can extend via email, SMS-texting, Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms.  We want to make sure that we have the ability and capability to reach your audiences no matter what communication platforms they may be on. 

Positive Reinforcement

We love being rewarded. It’s an innate positive influence to us coming from even the slightest situations. Restaurant rewards apps are no different.  Using Appsuite’s Micros software, we are able to provide customers tiered rewards, spending driven points, and activity-based points lets you incentivize good behavior. Even better, our easy-to-redeem rewards can be applied while your customers are in your store or while you’re on the app. 

Customizable Event Triggers

As your business and loyalty rewards continue to grow, we are able to provide offers based on a wide-range of pre-configured event triggers. Whether you want to provide new rewards for different thresholds your loyal customers reach, or gift customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, completing their profiles; you can turn your customized campaign into a marketing blast. 

Reporting Metrics

Aside from external benefits, having restaurant rewards apps using Micros can help you see the effectiveness of your campaigns to help drive the next ones. Using our iOS Loyalty Manager App, you are able to manage all aspects of the rewards programs on-site, as well as check in on customers, their rewards, actions, and behaviors. This is essential to gain critical insights from our powerful CRM tool. 

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If you’re interested in providing restaurant rewards apps using Micros, schedule your Appsuite Demo today!  Our company was founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of scaling companies and solving business issues on a global level.  What began as a simple web and app offering to provide menus and restaurant information, evolved into a full-scale customer relationships management solution; including restaurant rewards apps using Micros! We sought to understand the needs of restaurants and provide partners with the tools to reach and maintain customers.  If you’re in the market to revamp your restaurant software, contact us today!